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Infra Capacity and Performance Specialist

The Capacity FinOps Analyst is responsible for the “Capacity Management” process primarily for amdocs managed accounts, providing visibility of business/service and component capacity enabling optimized use of data center hardware and software resources to meet performance and availability SLAs in accordance with the finances.

What will your job look like?
You Will

  • Evaluate and analyse performance of data centers’ applications, Understanding the demands on the service and recommend future plans for workload growth eduction eplacement for hardware and/or software.
  • Perform pre-release impact assessments, business growth impact on resources consumptions and troubleshooting production activities.
  • Provide system consumption analytic reports based on production business activity and system load, indicate and solve issues as FS explosions, resources clogged (cpu, memory, network), users timeout, inefficient queries in DB, explosive growth.
  • Analyze KPIs in light of consumption results, identify anomalies and provide trends analysis and alerts if capacity growth requires architectural change.
  • Assess impact of CRs (such as changes to operational flows, jobs, application logic and ‘organic / business’ growth).
  • Provide cross-customer comparison to facilitate utilization and productivity comparisons.
  • Develop and support tools and methodologies for capacity planning data collection, reports, analysis maintenance and FinOps.
  • Participate in technical forums as subject matter experts providing inputs on capacity trend, volume forecasting, systems implication, as well as architectural changes/modifications; Handle pre-production\production activities and process design in a project life cycle as well as new\ad hoc projects.
  • Interacting with variety of internal and external stakeholders: Infra managers, site management, application team, technical architects, Infra teams (DBA, UNIX, Windows, middleware, monitoring) COMs (Customer Operations Managers), testing, customers, product support, CBG (CBEs) for pre/post-sale activity.

All you need is…

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Total Experience: 6 to 8 years
  • Required: 2+ years of experience in Capacity Planning, FinOps and Capacity Management.
  • Required: Strong experience in Scripting (Python, Bash, Perl), SQL queries, Influx, Grafana, PostgreSQL.
  • Required: Strong experience in Advanced Excel
  • Required: Proficient in mathematical skills: Basic statistical models (e.g. Gaussian distribution: Normal distribution), terms (median, standard deviation, etc.)
  • Required: Good hands-on experience with computing resources and knowledge of Hardware and Software requirements in production environments.
  • Required: 2+ years of experience in programming.
  • Desired: Data Center Experience
  • Excellent communication/presentation skills and analytical skills
  • FinOps-
  • This Amdocs FinOps Service Focal is the driving force behind public cloud usage optimization working side by side with the business and technical stockholders, evaluating the business needs to firmly navigate the IT abilities to provide visibility and enhance Amdocs FinOps service tool


  • Able to build valuable customer relationships.
  • Gain team building abilities across all boundaries
  • Have the opportunity to work in a growing organization, with ever growing opportunities for personal growth and one of the highest scores of employee engagement in Amdocs.
  • Able to promote operational efficiency
  • Have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and Innovativeness.

Why You Will Love This Job

  • Build your skills and work on a broad scope of activities
  • As you will support excellent products, you will assemble relevant data, identifies trends and root causes, and draws logical conclusions to develop solutions
  • We will provide you a scope for professional development
  • We offer a wide range of stellar benefits including health, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as paid time off, sick time, and parental leave!

To request a modification to this listing please email

  • Company: Amdocs
  • Published: 24th May 2023
  • Closing Date: 25th July 2023
  • Country: Brazil
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None