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Cloud Cost Optimization Analyst

Helping customers, internal and external, with cloud cost control. Elements of that are cost monitoring, cost reporting, cost analysis, cost reduction recommendations.

Eviden standard and preferred tool of choice to do so is CloudHealth, but in some areas cloud native tooling (AWS cost explorer, Azure cost management, GCP billing) will be used. Supporting customers using these tools is part of the job.

Deliverables are derived from the Atos Cloud Financial Management (CFM) service based upon the methodology.


Main tasks:

  • hosting CFM onboarding workshops
  • setting up governance (mapping finops roles to customer organization, process flows, RACI)
  • helping customers setup their cost budget structure and map this to CFM cost monitoring
  • supporting customers getting cloud cost under control by informing them about the best practices and helping them get these established
  • analyzing customer cloud cost, which changes are happening over time, which costs are suspicious, where are potential cost savings opportunities
  • analyzing potential cost saving alerts (e.g. as a result of “orphaned disk” policy)
  • helping customer setup and use CloudHealth cost reporting, allocating cost to functional customer entities like business units or applications
  • helping customer setup CloudHealth cost exporting for recharging purposes
  • write cost analysis and saving recommendations reports
  • present and explain cost related reports to customer
  • 2nd line cost alerting: support questions based upon alerts, assure alerts are handled


Required knowledge, skills and experience:

  • basic understanding of AWS, Azure and GCP architecture and concepts (example: have to know how a VM is called in any of these clouds, and the associated VM-disks)
  • in-depth cloud cost understanding (alternatively: can be achieved by learning on the job and coaching)
  • ability to become CloudHealth tool expert
  • able to write a report
  • data analyst skills: affinity with figures and costs, able to handle spreadsheets (analysis, export), able to analyze large quantities of data and connect various sources
  • communicative: able to present verbally to a customer
  • able to advise on organization, processes and responsibilities.


What makes us different


Join us and be part of a dynamic team that encourages continuous learning, rewards hard work, and values a fun and inclusive work culture.

We prioritize learning and development, and we recognize and reward hard work and intelligence. Our team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable individuals who love what they do and are always eager to help each other.

We treat our staff with respect and trust, empowering individuals to achieve more. We prefer agile ways of working, minimizing unnecessary management and bureaucracy. We believe in a healthy work-life balance and foster a fun and inclusive culture.

Take your career to new heights with us as a Cloud Cost Optimization Analyst, where you’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, across multiple platforms, align your work with your passions, and be part of a team that truly values your contributions.

If you are creative person, open minded and a problem solver, this is the place to be as we will be supporting you to fast-forward your career!

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  • Company: Atos
  • Published: 26th September 2023
  • Closing Date: 25th November 2023
  • Country: Romania
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None