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Cloud Finops Analyst

As a Cloud FinOps Analyst, you will be responsible for helping Bazaarvoice understand and optimize their Amazon Web Services (AWS) spend. You will be working on identifying cost reduction opportunities at an architectural level, building cost forecasting models, creating better governance and cost management controls, and recommending AWS reserved instance and savings plan purchases.
You will work within our Product Development Platform portfolio, reporting to the manager of our Cloud Engineering team. You will be responsible for working closely with C-levels and VPs in Engineering. Your skills in communicating to various audiences will be crucial in this role.
As a Cloud FinOps Analyst, you will come from an Engineering/SRE/DevOps background. Your skills in systems architecture will be invaluable.
You will use a variety of tools, ranging from AWS native tools (e.g. Cost Explorer, Cost and Usage Reports) to third-party tools (e.g. Tableau, Excel, third-party cloud cost management services). You are expected to be a deeply engaged expert in AWS, particularly in AWS billing, and use that knowledge to mentor other leaders within Bazaarvoice Engineering to create a knowledgeable global Cloud FinOps community.


    • Work directly with Bazaarvoice leaders to help them understand their AWS spend and optimize it based on their unique architecture and desired business outcomes. This will include leveraging cloud cost data and documentation to support your work.
    • Work with a high degree of autonomy, though you won’t be alone–you’ll have a team there to help when you need it.
    • Communicate across multiple internal customer personas, from Engineering to Finance, and up to C-Suite staff
    • Build and maintain tools to improve our execution of cost optimization projects
    • Work directly with internal customers to help them understand their AWS spend and optimize it based on their unique architecture and desired business outcomes
    • Keep up to date on the latest AWS news and changes
    • Continually work at being an expert in all-things-AWS, especially from a cost standpoint, and disseminate your knowledge to the team whenever possible
    • Maintain and improve the quality of deliverables and internal documentation.
    • Mentor and level up technical knowledge of fellow colleagues.


    • Financial Acumen: Ability to produce and present value propositions through quantitative financial analysis
    • Business Acumen: Through effective discovery, extract a customer’s unique financial and operational pain points and business outcomes and align Bazaarvoice solutions accordingly
    • Detail-Oriented Focus:  Very strong attention to detail, to ensure financial summaries are exact and complete.
    • Build vs Buy Mindset:  Ability to grasp the technical requirements for both Bazaarvoice and competing solutions, including public cloud providers and traditional IT vendors
    • Communication Effectiveness:  Ability to explain complex problems and solutions in a concise and easy to understand and compelling way


    • Prior experience in AWS cost management.
    • Strong understanding of the business and strategic needs around cloud computing
    • Strong knowledge of AWS concepts, tools, and services.
    • Demonstrable history of self-direction.
    • Ability to self-start and self-regulate your work, and communicate clearly when you need help.
    • Excellent verbal, written, and client-facing communications skills.
    • Prior ample experience communicating effectively with executive audiences
    • A desire to improve the AWS practitioner community by sharing knowledge.
    • A knack for putting people at ease when discussing the systems they’ve built, which will allow you to dive deep into an environment and make improvement recommendations.
    • Meticulous attention to detail

Required experience

    • Demonstrated financial modeling capabilities in an IT context (ROI analysis, TCO Analysis, Cloud Costing, Technology Business Management, Financial Analyst roles)
    • Knowledge of financial budgeting practices, capital vs. operating expense items, and software purchasing
    • Strong MS Office skills
    • Strong TCO/ROI development proficiency
    • AWS Certifications: AWS Solutions Architect: Professional (Desirable)
Why join Bazaarvoice?
Customer is key
We see our own success through our customers’ outcomes.
We approach every situation with a customer first mindset.
Transparency & Integrity Builds Trust
We believe in the power of authentic feedback because it’s in our DNA.
We do the right thing when faced with hard choices. Transparency and trust accelerate our collective performance.
Passionate Pursuit of Performance
Our energy is contagious, because we hire for passion, drive & curiosity.
We love what we do, and because we’re laser focused on our mission.
Innovation over Imitation
We seek to innovate as we are not content with the status quo.
We embrace agility and experimentation as an advantage.
Stronger Together
We bring our whole selves to the mission and find value in diverse perspectives.
We champion what’s best for Bazaarvoice before individuals or teams.
As a stronger company we build a stronger community.
Commitment to diversity and inclusion

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  • Company: Bazaarvoice
  • Published: 12th January 2023
  • Closing Date: 25th July 2023
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None