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Cloud FinOps DevOps Engineer

Your role

Cloud computing, and with it the unlocking of technology innovation and velocity, is the next large and highly impactful transformation for the financial industry. This is not only a technological transformation but also a fundamental mind set change within IT and the business.
For this transformation we are looking for a strong engineering leader, capable to get involved in the evolution of the vision, its delivery and engage with the Cloud Business Office, Finance, Application Owners and a diverse senior client and internal leadership community.

Working within and expanding the capability of the Cloud FinOps team which drives the firm’s Cloud transformation and efficiency culture. We are looking for someone who can:
• Support Cloud cost management, governance, and policy implementation across CDIO
• Understand software development practices including test automation, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code and application monitoring
• Help teams understand usage and costs of their Cloud estate and deliver value to the business through unit economics
• Understand how to best architect cloud platforms to be cost efficient
• Analyze cloud spend to identify opportunities to optimize, right-size, tipping point for reserved instance etc. and automate and code agreed recommendations
• Identify opportunities to upgrade from IaaS to PaaS to replace infrastructure payload costs with pay-per-outcome
• Understand general financial and accounting principles
• Present findings to various stakeholders including senior management and influence and encourage cost effective infrastructure practices

Your team

Cloud FinOps is a team within Technology Services – Operating Management dedicated to supporting the firm’s increasing adoption of cloud services. The team is made up of cloud engineers, analysts, finance specialists and change facilitators. Members of the team:
• Manage the monthly billing process, allocating direct and shared costs for cloud usage which are reflected in monthly financials
• Provide transparency tools and training to help teams understand the drivers of the costs for their consumption
• Drive cloud cost optimization through tools, expertise, processes and automation to help minimize waste
• Manage a suite of commercial and internally developed tools to empower users across the firm to understand and manage their cloud costs, including
o The FinOps intranet site, which contains information and links to tools which will help UBS manage cloud consumption and minimize waste
o Cloudability, a tool that allows detailed analysis of direct cloud spend, including customizable dashboards to monitor specific usage and costs, detailed reports to drill in, and exporting of data for further analysis
o Cloud Consumption Dashboards provide both summarized and detailed results of the monthly billing process, and directly tie to the cloud costs that hit your P&L each month.
o Cloud Optimization Dashboards highlighting the opportunities identified to reduce waste across cloud compute, storage and database usage, including rightsizing recommendations, savings opportunities through auto-scaling, and idle resources that can potentially be terminated
• Provide ongoing knowledge sharing, training and enablement to help teams across the firm understand ways they can optimize cloud spend.
• Prior to moving to cloud, we help teams understand the cost drivers for the services and virtual infrastructure their application requires, and help optimize the initial configuration they deploy.
• Once on the cloud we help teams optimize what they have deployed, including things like reserved instances and discounts for commitments.

Your expertise

• Previous notable experience managing Azure in a DEVOPS capacity
• Demonstrable expert knowledge and experience with Azure Cost Optimization tools and practices
• Knowledge of programming in Azure / Microsoft capable languages, such as ARM, PowerShell & YAML
• Experience and exposure working with DEVOPS CI / CD tools
• Excellent understanding of Azure management and control plane / data plane components (ARM, Azure Policy, Azure Cost Management, Azure Advisor, Azure Automation)an educational background in one or more of Computer Science / Mathematical Science, Computer Engineering, Business, Mathematics, Finance
• excellent analytical skills combined with strong written and verbal communication skills
• ability to lead others under both direct management and by influence

About us

UBS is the world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager. We operate through four business divisions: Global Wealth Management, Personal & Corporate Banking, Asset Management and the Investment Bank. Our global reach and the breadth of our expertise set us apart from our competitors.

With more than 70,000 employees, we have a presence in all major financial centers in more than 50 countries. Do you want to be one of us?

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  • Company: UBS
  • Published: 19th January 2023
  • Closing Date: 27th February 2023
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None