We are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable AWS Cost Management Expert to join our team. The AWS Cost Management Expert will be responsible for optimizing and managing costs associated with our AWS infrastructure and services. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of AWS cost management tools, best practices, and strategies to help us maximize cost efficiency while maintaining performance and scalability. This role requires strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.


    • AWS Cost Optimization: Analyze and optimize AWS costs by identifying cost-saving opportunities, monitoring usage patterns, and recommending strategies to reduce expenses while maintaining performance and scalability.
    • Cost Reporting and Analysis: Generate regular cost reports and perform in-depth analysis to identify cost drivers, trends, and anomalies. Provide insights and recommendations to stakeholders for cost optimization and budget planning.
    • AWS Cost Management Tools: Utilize and configure AWS cost management tools, such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and AWS Cost and Usage Reports, to monitor, track, and manage costs effectively.
    • Cost Allocation and Tagging: Develop and implement cost allocation strategies and tagging methodologies to accurately allocate costs to different departments, projects, and resources.
    • Cost Governance and Compliance: Ensure compliance with cost governance policies and best practices, including monitoring and enforcing cost allocation, budget limits, and resource utilization.
    • Cost Optimization Strategies: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including DevOps, Engineering, and Finance, to develop and implement cost optimization strategies, such as rightsizing instances, leveraging reserved instances, and optimizing storage.
    • Cloud Cost Forecasting: Forecast future AWS costs based on business growth, usage patterns, and infrastructure changes. Provide accurate cost projections to support budgeting and financial planning.
    • Cost Awareness and Training: Educate and train team members on AWS cost management best practices, tools, and techniques to promote cost-conscious decision-making across the organization.
    • Vendor Management: Collaborate with AWS account managers and vendors to negotiate pricing, optimize contracts, and identify opportunities for cost savings.
    • Stay Updated on AWS Cost Management: Stay abreast of the latest AWS cost management tools, features, and best practices. Continuously evaluate and recommend new cost optimization strategies and technologies.

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  • Company: DAZN
  • Published: 4th April 2024
  • Closing Date: 22nd June 2024
  • Country: India
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Entry-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None