AWS FinOps Analyst/ Consultant

Published: 16th February 2023 Closing Date: 15th April 2023
AWS FinOps Analyst/ Consultant

  • Experience with 2-3 live engagements on AWS in Cloud Spend Optimization Role
  • Experience in Clod Cost Optimization assessment, recommendation, and Implementation
  • Understanding of AWS services, types, usage, and prices
  • Understanding of AWS Account structure, Cost allocation models, Budgets/Forecasts, Tagging strategy, Savings Plan, Right Sizing, and various pricing model (On-Demand, RI and Spot)
  • Familiar with AWS Cloud Native Cost management tools and levers.
  • Experience in implementing Cloud Cost Governance Framework, Cost usage reporting and dashboards configurations.
  • Implement optimization areas identified across EC2, EBS volumes, RDS by Cloud architect.
  • Work with customer on prioritizing optimization opportunities and come up with optimization implementation charter
  • Develop cost optimization solutions and implementation plan
  • Guide Cloud Engineers on Optimization Solutions implementation
  • Work with Application/LOB stakeholders to get their approval in implementing optimization initiative like right sizing, instance upgrade.
  • Evaluate and recommend FinOps Tools for multi cloud environment
  • Develop show back and charge back reports using AWS cloud financial management services (AWS Cost explorer, Billing, Budgets, Forecasts and Cost & Usage Reports)
  • Develop Cost usage intelligent dashboards and Configure reports.
Job #: 23-21738



  • Company: Diverse Lynx
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None

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