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Sr Cloud FinOps Analyst

The Senior Cloud FinOps Analyst is responsible for optimizing our cloud infrastructure costs, monitoring usage patterns, and implementing strategies to maximize efficiency.  The ideal candidate will bring a blend of technical cloud expertise and data analytics acumen to drive efficiency, cost savings, and innovation in our cloud operations. As a Senior Cloud FinOps Analyst, you will collaborate with cross-functional teams to align cloud spending with business objectives and drive continuous improvement.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization: Analyze cloud usage and spending across platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Identify and implement cost-saving strategies without compromising on performance and scalability
  • Technical Cloud Optimization: Lead technical optimizations to enhance cost efficiency, including automation of resource management, rightsizing services, and leveraging cloud-native tools
  • Resource Utilization Analysis: Analyze cloud resource utilization and recommend rightsizing or resizing of instances to align with workload requirements and minimize over-provisioning
  • Cost Allocation: Develop methodologies for allocating cloud costs to different departments or projects
  • Cost Reporting and Visualization: Create and maintain detailed cost reports, dashboards, and visualizations to provide stakeholders with clear insights into cloud spending patterns
  • Best Practices and Compliance: Stay updated with the latest cloud cost management best practices, industry trends, and compliance requirements
  • Ability to facilitate group meetings/discussions
  • Ability to broker solutions for issues with a department and with team-external leaders



What Makes You A Dream Candidate? 

  • Advanced Microsoft Office knowledge and analytical skills using MS Excel including developing forecasts & financial reports, decoding macros, pivot tables, charts, and financial calculations
  • Advance knowledge of data visualization concepts and tools
  • Knowledge of Business Intelligence applications (e.g. Cognos, SAS and PowerBi)
  • Knowledge of Cost Analysis: Analyze cloud usage and cost trends, identify cost drivers, and provide actionable recommendations for cost optimization
  • Knowledge of FinOps principles, capabilities, and the Azure/AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Strong people skills including the ability to interact with employees at all levels
  • Ability to meet expected delivery dates and the tasks necessary to achieve objectives
  • Must be a self-starter and able to manage the investigations function with minimal supervision
  • In-depth knowledge of enterprise cloud platform pricing models and services.
  • Proficiency in data analytics, and Excel, Power BIor related data reporting tools.
  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Analytical mindset with a keen ability to dissect complex technical and financial information
  • Problem-solving orientation with a track record of identifying and implementing cost-saving strategies
  • Passion for continuous learning and staying current with industry trends


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent work or military experience required
  • Masters Degree in a related field preferred
  • 4-6 years experience in FinOps Practices required
  • 2-4 years experience in cloud optimization preferable with exposure to AWS, Azure or Google cloud platforms required
  • 0-2 years experience with cloud cost management tools and services (e.g. AWS cost explorer, azure cost management, appito cloudability).


Job ID 47117

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  • Company: GM Financial
  • Published: 16th May 2024
  • Closing Date: 16th July 2024
  • Country: United States
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Senior
  • Salary: $88K/yr - $162.9K/y
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None