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Cloud FinOps Analyst

Johnson & Johnson is currently recruiting a Cloud FinOps Analyst.

The J&J Cloudx team is uniquely positioned to power world-class technologies that enable end-to-end data management, advanced analytics, and data science capabilities. By helping to enable insight driven organizations, we are redefining how we serve our consumers, patients, healthcare professionals, customers, and employees around the world! We will develop, bring to bear, and scale smarter, faster, and more efficient future-ready enterprise platforms and capabilities. We will help to unlock new and differentiated insights needed to drive innovation, commercial growth, operational efficiencies, and improved health outcomes.

As a strategic problem solver, technologist, and a guide in multi-cloud financials, this role will empower our Cloud Compute users through the delivery of products and platforms, building outstanding and cost-effective solutions for our partners. As cloud Finops Analyst, you will create visibility into multi-cloud and on-premises spend trends, optimize opportunities, and drive adoption of FinOps best practices to help control Cloud costs. Key responsibilities of this role will include crafting the cloud value framework, financial modeling, budgeting, alerting, and forecasting, consumption analysis, critical metrics, analytics, capacity, and automation. This position will be part of a driven and agile team and will have the opportunity to grow and gain knowledge and develop technical expertise to identify, launch, and iterate the next generation of products in our portfolio.


  • Analyze, report, and automate the production of relevant insights from large raw datasets within cloud billing and usage tools, financial systems, CMDB, and other asset inventories as applicable.
  • Collaborate with multi-cloud (AWS, Azure) application owners understanding their public and private cloud spend and any opportunities for savings.
  • Build and maintain Cost Optimization processes and supervise resource utilization to reduce overall cloud spend.
  • Help shape, implement, maintain, and automatically remediate tagging standards for AWS and Azure.
  • Design, develop, maintain, and automate reports and critical metrics that provide detailed usage statistics of resources across the multi-cloud landscape
  • Drive a positive and closely working relationship with internal IT teams and selected collaborators and outsourcing partners. Pro-actively communicate and engage with the IT and Business communities as a transparent ambassador of the cloud billing team.


Encouraged skills

  • Experience with one or more public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Experience with capacity forecasting, cloud cost optimization techniques, financial reporting, and workflow management in a large service operations environment. Familiarity with financial and reporting tools/APIs.
  • Good understanding of billing on cloud platforms (incl. impact of usage patterns on TCO)
  • Ability to support agile decision making across multiple cloud services, with short-cycle analytics and problem solving.
  • Ability to develop effective reporting schemes/metrics to maintain strong control on usage and billing of cloud services.
  • Ability to collaborate closely with multiple partners (across IT, finance, business functions) and proactively find opportunities for service improvement.
  • Hands on experience with diverse programming languages –Python, JavaScript… and SQL-databases for the development of API’s, UI’s, and automation.
  • Technical knowledge of container technologies (Kubernetes, Docker) is appreciated.
  • Cloud Practitioner or Solutions Architect certification preferred.

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  • Company: Janssen
  • Published: 6th March 2023
  • Closing Date: 30th April 2023
  • Country: Belgium
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None