We are looking for a FinOps Engineer to join our fast-growing company. As a FinOps Engineer, you will provide greater visibility on all cloud cost-related matters, from overall cloud cost analysis to cost efficiency, cost monitoring, and cost of ownership.

As a FinOps Engineer in JFrog, you will… 
  • Identify opportunities to right-size or decommission underutilized resources, implement cost-saving measures, and optimize resource allocation based on workload requirements
  • Develop scripts, tools, and automation workflows to streamline cost management processes, including monitoring and reporting
  • Develop and track key metrics and performance indicators to evaluate and maintain cloud spend-health
  • Participate in design reviews of new features to assess the financial implications of proposed changes to the organization’s cloud infrastructure
  • Collaborate with the development and finance teams on cost optimization, budget, forecasting, and showback
  • Participate in meetings with vendors to stay updated on new features, product roadmaps, and technical advancements, as well as to discuss cost optimization opportunities and strategies
  • Establish and enforce policies, controls, and best practices to govern cloud spending across the organization
  • Learn and understand JFrog’s products and business operations to influence business decisions based on the analysis
To be a FinOps Engineer in JFrog you need…
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field. Advanced degree or relevant certifications – Must
  • Proficiency in one or more major cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or others. This includes understanding various cloud services, pricing models, and management tools the platforms offer – Must
  • At least 3 years of proficient, hands-on experience with K8S, Python, databases, and SQL, experience with infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform or AWS CloudFormation and with common observability and monitoring tools (e.g. Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic, Coralogix, ELK Stack)
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret complex data, identify trends, and make data-driven recommendations
  • Team player with effective interpersonal skills. Manage relationships with key partners across different functions. Able to collaborate with remote teams effectively
  • Proven experience in cloud cost management, financial analysis, or related roles is highly desirable
  • Experience with data visualization tools (Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, etc…) is highly desirable

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  • Company: JFrog
  • Published: 7th May 2024
  • Closing Date: 7th July 2024
  • Country: Israel
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None