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Latin America Community Director

The LATAM Community Director leads the community programs and engagement in the LATAM
region. They do that by supporting existing key initiatives, such as local FinOps Foundation
Events, the FinOps Ambassador program, Cloud FinOps training and certification as well as
driving LATAM community growth by finding and connecting events to showcase the FinOps
Foundation Community.

In addition, the LATAM Community Director is an eloquent, multilingual communicator with
experienced public speaking skills who drives local community connections and supports all of
the FinOps Foundation team with a deep understanding of the region.
  • Located in South America, preferably in Brazil.
  • Proficient in communicating in Portuguese, Spanish & English.
  • Experience in Cloud FinOps: You are part of the FinOps Foundation community and
    understand its culture and ethos. You have a network within the community and enjoy
    spreading our values and culture across organizations.
  • Stewardship of our values: You understand and uphold the FinOps Foundation Code of
    Conduct and interject if you observe it being infringed.
  • Community engagement skills: You have experience building programs leveraging
    FinOps Foundation community, staff, ambassadors, or practitioners.
  • Presentation skills: You have demonstrable experience presenting on Cloud FinOps
    topics whether that be in 1:1 conversations in-person or online or representing the
    FinOps Foundation on the stage at conferences
  • Writing skills: You are able to communicate about Cloud FinOps and the community in a
    succinct and engaging manner. You enjoy writing and have produced online content
    about our ecosystem.
  • Tooling and iteration experience: We require a working knowledge of Hubspot, Google
    Workspace, and Slack. We also are a very iterative team and constantly evaluate and
    iterate on inflight programs.
  • Ability to keep a flexible schedule: FinOps Foundation staff and the community are
    spread across the globe. This position requires you to be willing to adjust schedules to
    collaborate with people when necessary.
  • Ability to travel: Able to travel, including internationally several times a year to meet with
    staff and community as well as to attend events.


  • Lead FinOps Foundation community programs in LATAM and iterate on them to best
    grow and support the local communities.
  • Community programs include but are not limited to: practitioner onboarding,
    hosting Regional Virtual Community Hours, supporting Community FinOps
    Meetups, hosting and recruiting for FinOps Roadshows and recruiting for FinOps
    X, attending Foundation Partner events, curating Slack, encouraging community
    growth and more.
  • Find events taking place in the LATAM region that provide opportunities to grow the
    community as well as opportunities for practitioners to deepen their engagement with the
    community (i.e. speaking engagements, networking events, etc.)
  • Support the team by creating materials and collateral that support community
  • Identify and recruit local representatives in FinOps Foundation for speaking
  • Support community operations and new practitioner onboarding
  • Work with an amazing group of peers who will support you, challenge you, make you
    laugh and love this role.

This full time role is a contract position that pays a competitive full time salary in line with a senior FinOps leader in Sao Paulo. If interested, please email

To request a modification to this listing please email

  • Company: FinOps Foundation
  • Published: 14th September 2023
  • Closing Date: 31st October 2023
  • Country: Brazil
  • Type: Contract
  • Seniority: Director
  • FinOps Certifications Required: Certified Practitioner