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Senior FinOps Specialist

Job description summary:

A Senior FinOps Specialist who has detailed knowledge of AWS/Azure/GCP is required to join a dedicated FinOps team to assist with the management of a large public cloud estate. The successful candidate will be working with: Application teams at every stage of the application lifecycle to improve cost / performance ratios; Finance & Procurement teams to help simplify complex billing data received; and Architecture & Design teams where sharing cloud best practice and industrial experience aids key choices and long-term decision making. The work is varied: needing evidenced technical skills to plan & implement reserved instances & savings plans; analytical skills to interpret spreadsheets and charts produced by the cloud cost and billing consoles; And interpersonal skills where the communication of complex data in simple terms is essential for all levels of the organisation. Role Purpose The Cloud FinOps Specialist is responsible for managing cloud consumption by encouraging efficient cloud use throughout the application lifecycle. The successful candidate will have extensive AWS/Azure/GCP experience; be familiar with the FinOps foundation’s framework & know what is required to achieve “run” maturity; be able to confidently talk with application teams about their designs, encouraging good use of cloud agility and unit economics; and be able to highlight improvements to cost / performance ratios through virtual machine management & reserved instance purchase. Role Responsibilities Work with application teams to educate and advise on: technology usage, specifically to ensure the most appropriate technologies are implemented; reserved instances purchased, and savings plans are considered where required. Support Finance, Accounts Payable, Vendor Management and Procurement with purchase orders and billing console updates as required. Join Finance related business calls to offer advice if needed. Work with the platform teams to ensure the Cost Management toolsets and billing consoles are configured correctly. Keep up to date with industry trends so that business stakeholders can be advised how to use the latest services to improve cost / performance ratios. Use cost management tools to clearly communicate complex analysis of cloud data in simple understandable terms for all levels of the organisation. Demonstrable eagerness to learn the latest industrial trends and can translate how these services or technologies can improve cost / performance for our business stakeholders. Use reports to highlight tagging data quality to drive improvements with cost allocation and management reports. Minimum Requirements Good English language verbal and written communication skills essential. Ideally, the successful candidate would hold the Certification in one of the major cloud providers technologies. or Hold a degree in Mathematics, Finance, Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent. Have at least 2+ years industry experience in a large-scale organisation. Familiarity with the FinOps Foundation framework and an understanding of what it means to reach “run” maturity. Experience using a public cloud cost management tool. Understand common financial terms, key drivers, and concepts that Technology, Finance, Procurement, Accounts Payable and Receivable teams use day-to-day is essential.


At LSEG, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive organisation is fundamental to the way we deliver on our promise of creating essential partnerships and open opportunities. Our open culture is central to how we deliver our purpose – driving financial stability, empowering economies and enabling customers to create sustainable growth – in everything we do.


Working with us means that you will be part of a dynamic organisation of 25,000 people across 70 countries. However, we will value your individuality and enable you to bring your true self to work so you can help enrich our diverse workforce. You will be part of a collaborative and creative culture where we encourage new ideas and are committed to sustainability across our global business. You will experience the critical role we have in helping to re-engineer the financial ecosystem to support and drive sustainable economic growth. Together, we are aiming to achieve this growth by accelerating the just transition to net zero, enabling growth of the green economy and creating inclusive economic opportunity.


LSEG offers a range of tailored benefits and support, including healthcare, retirement planning, paid volunteering days and wellbeing initiatives.

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  • Company: LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)
  • Published: 22nd July 2023
  • Closing Date: 24th August 2023
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Senior
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None