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Cloud FinOps Engineer

Team’s Mission / Work Responsibilities

Team mission:

Ensure we are using the cloud infrastructure effectively, eliminating unnecessary spending, and obtaining clear visibility of our usage.

(Learn more about Mercari’s mission and values here.)

Specific work responsibilities include the following:

  • Constantly monitor, develop, and improve the tagging strategies in the cloud environment
  • Develop solutions and strategies to optimize cloud usage and refactor existing technology in effective ways with development teams
  • Leverage automation and scripting to democratize and deliver meaningful alerts, insights, anomalies, and other tools to be leveraged to manage and optimize our cloud spend.
  • Promote a cost-conscious culture and conduct knowledge-sharing sessions to deliver best practices across the group

Unique and Bold Challenges

  • Mercari’s FinOps team plays a meaningful role in optimizing cloud spend and improving business agility. We develop a platform that allows our organization to make data-driven decisions, crafting maximum business value. Since the cloud infrastructure is used not only by Mercari JP but also by Merpay, Mercari US, and other group companies, any improvements could affect the performance of the entire organization.

Required Qualifications

  • Shared understanding and belief in our company’s mission and values
  • Experience in infrastructure management and automation
  • Experience in writing design docs or proposals and reaching agreements with stakeholders
  • Experience in using container management platforms (e.g. Kubernetes) in production
  • Experience in operating and being the admin of cloud (GCP or AWS) in production, ability to drive cost optimization discussions with development teams

Preferred Qualifications

  • FinOps certification
  • Public cloud provider certification
  • Knowledge and understanding of public cloud pricing schemes
  • Knowledge of financial and accounting principles
  • Experience with 3rd party cloud cost management tools
  • Experience in public cloud cost management projects in a larger organization

Screening Criteria

  • Mercari interviews applicants to determine three things: enthusiasm toward Mercari’s mission, embodiment of our values, and culture fit. We believe having a shared belief in Mercari’s and Merpay’s missions and being able to embody our values to achieve those missions are very important parts of working at Mercari. In the interviews, we will ask questions to learn about your past experience and whether Mercari is the right place to demonstrate your skills.
  • Telling us how you think you can utilize your past experience here at Mercari and what kind of opportunities to push yourself we can offer will help both sides get an understanding of whether the position is a good fit for you. We recommend asking about these points in your interviews.
  • At Mercari, we recommend using the STAR method, an interview technique that helps you go into detail about your past actions. We want to get a thorough understanding of your experience and skills by asking interview questions about specific situations, tasks, actions, and results.

(See this page for details.)

Language Requirements

  • English: Independent (CEFR – B2)
  • Japanese: Independent (CEFR – B2) preferred

To request a modification to this listing please email

  • Company: Mercari
  • Published: 10th May 2023
  • Closing Date: 20th December 2023
  • Country: Japan
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: Certified Practitioner