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Cloud FinOps Manager

Position Description 

We are seeking a skilled Cloud FinOps Manager who will lead our global cloud cost optimization initiatives. In this role, you will collaborate with stakeholders across different regions to drive cloud cost reduction strategies and ensure efficient allocation of resources. By leveraging your expertise in cloud cost management tools and vendor relationships, you will play a pivotal role in achieving optimal cloud spending and supporting the successful execution of workload optimization in cloud environments.


  • Work closely with cross-functional teams and global stakeholders to understand cloud usage patterns, requirements, and challenges
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive cloud cost optimization strategy aligned with our business objectives and industry best practices
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with cloud vendors (AWS, Microsoft) to explore cost-saving opportunities, technology changes, and stay updated on optimization features.
  • Analyze resource utilization to identify opportunities for rightsizing, scheduling, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.
  • Collaborate with technical teams to identify and execute server modernization and workload migration strategies
  • Generate regular cost reports and insights, providing actionable recommendations for cost reduction.
  • Conduct awareness sessions to educate project teams on cost optimization best practices and foster a culture of cost-consciousness.
  • Stay updated on cloud technologies, pricing models, and optimization techniques, and proactively identify new opportunities for cost savings.
  • Analyze, Optimize, and implement cost-optimization initiatives
  • Work with technical teams to design and implement new services


Competency Requirement

  • In-depth knowledge of cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, including their services, pricing models, and cost management features.
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure components, deployment models, and cloud-native tools.
  • Proficiency in data analysis, using tools like Excel, Tableau or scripting languages
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective collaboration and stakeholder management.
  • Strong financial analytical capabilities
  • Experience managing multi-million-dollar accounts
  • Deep understanding of cloud costs

Desired skills & Certifications

  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills for addressing complex cost optimization challenges.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Relevant certifications such as FinOps Certified Practitioner / AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner / Microsoft Azure certified
  • 11 to 14 years of relevant industry experience
  • Min 2yrs experience in cloud cost management, cloud architecture, or IT finance roles is preferred.



  • B.E / B-Tech

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  • Company: Nissan Motor Corporation
  • Published: 12th September 2023
  • Closing Date: 12th July 2024
  • Country: India
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Manager
  • FinOps Certifications Required: Certified Practitioner