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FinOps Technical Analyst

About the job

Service Design

  • Define / revise FinOps Strategy and Standards
  • FinOps Monitoring setup
  • FinOps Reporting & Dashboarding design
  • FinOps Tool Selection Criteria design
  • Review FinOps tools in market
  • Participate in Industry FinOps forums
  • Design/ review Rightsizing parameters and thresholds

Service Build

  • Setup FinOps Tooling and manage its evolutions (Cloudability / future evolutions)
  • Setup CSP data connections & data loading scripts
  • Setup FinOps backend schema for data loading, ETL, reporting
  • Setup business rules for FinOps in tooling (rightsizing rules, thresholds, other parameters)
  • Setup business views and Business Dimensions for FinOps
  • Build reports and dashboards
  • Setup users’ permissions and authorizations

Service Operations

  • A. Optimizations
  • Participate with account and service owners on FinOps centric design/ build of applications
  • Generate Optimization Advisories pertaining to : Rightsizing, Termination, Scheduling
  • Discuss / Communicate with affected accounts on these advisories
  • Change Management for implementation of advisories; get AIMS Engineering or accounts team to implement advisories
  • Review optimization actions & issues
  • Incident & Problem management in FinOps context

B. Savings Management

  • Interact with CSP on issues pertaining to SP/ RI implementations, savings calculation issues

C. Budget / Forecasting and actuals tracking

  • Build budget/ forecast in tool
  • Communicate with Digital Unit leadership on budgets setup
  • Tracking of variance control actions and reporting on the same

D. FinOps Tool Management

  • Monitor data quality of FinOps Platform
  • Fix any data issues in the tool
  • Raise & manage service requests raised for FinOps tool vendor
  • Review FinOps reports & dashboards and fix any issues reported
  • Review and fix user access issues
  • Manage FinOps tool API access requests and setup access
  • Communicate about FinOps features to application owners and service Owners

F. Tagging Management

  • Define mandatory and optional tags
  • Monitor tag data quality
  • Get tagging quality issues fixed by service owners

Service Governance

  • Build monthly reports/dashboard related to FinOps achievements
  • Design Review for FinOps for Top accounts
  • FinOps governance with service owners
  • Contributions to Cloud Optimization PODs
  • FinOps vendor governance
  • Governance with engineering & AIMS.Finops teams

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  • Company: Parallel Consulting
  • Published: 1st September 2023
  • Closing Date: 19th September 2023
  • Country: France
  • Type: Contract
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None