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Solution Architect Platform Google Cloud Platform and FinOps

As a Solution Architect you will engage with Cloud engineers from Engineering Platforms to make sure we are delivering the DevOps Squads within our bank with the right solutions, so they can work at adding value without dealing with unnecessary overhead of tending to Cloud infra themselves. For this you will work together with our Area’s Google Cloud infra Squads and the Google Devops Squad within our bank (providers and consumers), Security Office, IT & Tech leaders, Financial stakeholders (FinOps) and others, to make sure the right architecture is implemented and at the same time is as cost effective and sustainable as possible.

Creating impact

Rabobank is constantly making sure the scale and innovation benefits offered by public Cloud services are utilized in the best way possible. This requires knowledge, an open attitude and where also needed a cultural change within our organisation.

As a Solution Architect for our platforms, you make impact by:

  • Designing and maintaining complex Cloud solution patterns for Google Cloud Platform that are secure by design. And where needed initiating and formulating new concepts, policies and design principles
  • Translating enterprise and business architecture guidance and decisions into actionable Google Cloud Platform domain strategies and (re)usable Cloud solutions
  • Working with the various Squads to ensure the delivery of scalable, secure, and reliable enterprise platforms. Solving impediments for a continuous improving Cloud journey
  • Engage with the FinOps squad in our Area to strive for the most cost efficient and sustainable solution. Collaborating with them to contribute to cost analysis, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and optimization measures
  • Guiding, coaching, maturing our Squads for implementing the architecture and support them with any challenges they are facing.
  • Taking on 2 to max 5 Squads, depending on the maturity of the Squads. This could mean that you divide your attention between different Cloud Squads and FinOps. Adding as much value where it is needed
  • Be an active member of our squad triangle(s) which guides the engineering Squads, making sure there is regular alignment between business, operations and architecture
  • Working closely together with other Solution and Business Architects, Product Owners, and Cloud Engineers within our Area
  • Helping and supporting our DevOps Squads with deep-dive Cloud questions
  • Advocating Cloud native solutions/patterns to existing challenges within the bank
  • Applying your solid knowledge of multi-Cloud and hybrid Cloud architectures
  • Applying your solid knowledge of building solutions using GCP Cloud services (e.g. IAM, Storage, Security Command Center)

Top 3 responsibilities

  • Together with the business realising top solutions based on the best available platforms and technologies.
  • You will be successful when the bank can transition to efficient, effective, and compliant application & Infrastructure solutions.
  • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure application solutions are optimized for functionality, reliability, availability, scalability, security, and cost. This role will also contribute to the development of strategies, policies, and best practices.

With each other

Working together is the way we work. Our area within the Tribe Tech4Engineering joins forces to make all software and automation process faster, more agile and more secure.

One of the goals of this tribe is to unlock 1 million hours of coding. They do this by staying focused and always being ahead of the facts, unburdening the engineers by optimizing the engineering journey, and by introducing Managed Services.

With your talents

It is logical that customer orientation, enthusiasm and an unstoppable hunger for new knowledge are indispensable for this function. In addition, it is important that you recognise everything on the checklist below:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a relevant direction (ICT)
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a (Cloud) Solution Architect in a complex and mixed on-premises and public Cloud environment
  • Minimum of 2 GCP certifications
  • Substantive knowledge when it comes to Cloud technologies & Cloud design patterns
  • Familiarity with migrating from on-premise to Cloud environments
  • Experience with GCP architecture and best practices
  • Good understanding of Cloud Governance (e.g. GCP Organizations, policies & controls)
  • Good understanding of Cloud-Native Architectures: Expertise in designing and consulting Cloud-native solutions
  • Good understanding of Google Cloud Identity (GCI) (IAM roles/users, RBAC, DS/ADFS, MFA)
  • Good understanding of security/secrets management (e.g. PKI, certificates, secret manager)
  • Good understanding of logging/monitoring (e.g. alerting, Security Command Center)
  • Knowledge and experience with Networking (e.g. DNS, Virtual networks, integration with Cloud/On premise)
  • Knowledge and experience in FinOps practices, including cost optimization with the ability to conduct detailed cost analysis and identify optimization opportunities
  • Knowledge and familiarity with other clouds (Microsoft Azure, AWS) – an advantage
  • Experience with the Agile Way of Working (Scrum & Kanban)
  • Analytical skills to collect, coordinate and present sophisticated data to a variety of audiences
  • A positive and open approach – we expect you to use your voice and bring in new ideas and solutions
  • Networking capabilities, you build relationships easily
  • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • You are a great storyteller, and you know how to encourage others
  • Hands-on mentality, demonstrating and taking ownership
  • You want to get better every day

To request a modification to this listing please email

  • Company: Rabobank
  • Published: 13th June 2024
  • Closing Date: 13th August 2024
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • Salary: upto 100K
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None