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Cloud | FinOps Service Delivery Manager

The Opportunity
This is a new role created in response to our overall maturity of our cloud environments against our cloud strategy being realised. The role will split its focus across two key capability uplift areas, Cloud Service Delivery management, and FinOps.

Cloud Service Delivery management – We have a multi-cloud architecture, with the vast majority on AWS, and a smaller footprint on MS Azure cloud. This role will focus predominantly on the single strategic vendor that is managing our AWS and Azure clouds, to drive the best outcomes for Resolution Life, in a timely fashion from the vendor on a day-to-day basis.

FinOps – Representing Cloud Financial Operations to improve our existing cloud usage and costs analysis and reporting capabilities and toolsets. To lead proactively our vendors and internal teams towards optimising and reducing costs, without sacrificing service reliability for our customers.

Your Story


  • Cloud Service Delivery management –
    • Manages from a service operations scope all operations including Cloud and DevOps services, looking to the Cloud Platforms lead, and IT Operations lead for direction and guidance when needed.
    • Proactive management of the vendors, cloud operations teams and counterpart SDM equivalent role.
    • Maintaining high performance levels for cloud and DevOps service-related processes, and implementing improvement activities, enabling automation wherever necessary, always looking to fix root causes and not ‘band-aid’ and move on.
    • Taking ownership of critical incidents, coordinating with resolution parties, and establishing effective communication between stakeholders for post-incident reviews
    • Ensuring that systems, procedures, and methodologies are in place and well documented on our Confluence to support outstanding service delivery.
    • Developing a deep understanding of projects to gain insights into the scope of service delivery.
  • FinOps (Cloud Financial Operations) –
    • Enabling the organisation to get maximum business value out of a cost optimised cloud.
    • Helping application, engineering, finance, and business teams understand their cloud costs through reporting and insights. Through adhoc requests for help, and proactive regular cloud cost visibility & optimisation forums.
    • Collaborate on data-driven spending decisions through an active role in the solution architecture (LAWG) and detailed architect forums (CID) – ‘Designing for cost’.
    • Educating and promoting that everyone takes ownership for their cloud usage, and the advantages of variable / easily scalable cost cloud technologies.
    • Strong understanding around AWS cloud resources and how they are costed/billed, and strong understanding around RI’s / Savings Plan’s.
    • Create connections across the application, engineering, finance, and business teams, inspire growth of FinOps knowledge and practice, empower FinOps best practices looking to the FinOps Foundation and our AWS account team for knowledge and best practices.

Critical Skills
At Resolution Life, we have identified the following critical skills which are key to success in our culture:

  • Customer Focused: Passionate drive to delight our customers and offer unique solutions that deliver on their expectations.
  • Critical Thinking: Thoughtful process of analysing data and problem-solving data to reach a well-reasoned solution.
  • Team Mentality: Partnering effectively to drive our culture and execute on our common goals.
  • Business Acumen: Appreciation and understanding of the financial services industry in order to make sound business decisions.
  • Learning Agility: Openness to new ways of thinking and acquiring new skills to retain a competitive advantage.


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  • Company: Resolution Life
  • Published: 18th August 2023
  • Closing Date: 10th September 2023
  • Country: Australia
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None