Job Summary

We’re looking for a FinOps Associate to join our team at Spot Eco.


Have you heard about Cloud FinOps yet? FinOps is a fast-growing field focused on managing the cost of dynamic cloud technology architectures. In the world of FinOps, you’ll learn about cloud architecture, cloud operations best practices, you’ll practice “Big Data”, and you’ll get a bit of experience in financial operations as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping customers get the best value out of their cloud architecture.


Spot by NetApp® has been at the forefront of FinOps innovation since 2014—before the word “FinOps” existed! Spot provides optimization and automation technologies that help cloud consumers improve performance, reduce complexity, and optimize costs. At Spot, we use advanced, cloud-first technologies to deliver results for customers (up to 90% savings on compute and storage infrastructure!)


Spot Eco is the foundational product in the Spot suite of tools. Eco helps customers manage and optimize their cloud commitments (Savings Plans, Reserved Instances, Committed Use Discounts). We currently support AWS, Azure, with Google Cloud.


As a FinOps Associate, your job will be to work directly with customers to understand their technology operations and craft commitment strategies that best suit the customers’ engineering and financial goals. You will be responsible for executing those strategies, using a mix of automation, advanced BI dashboards, and your specialized knowledge of cloud operations. Finally, you’ll be responsible for monitoring performance and adapting your strategies based on emerging trends within the customers’ environments and across the entire cloud ecosystem (thus, our name, Eco!)


At Spot Eco, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all approaches—you’ll learn and practice advanced commitment management techniques utilizing every cloud commitment product available. You’ll join a fast-growing team of FinOps practitioners who dive deep into the most esoteric vagaries of cloud operations. You’ll work with some of the most innovative organizations in the world; you’ll learn constantly; you’ll get exposed to new technologies as they emerge; and you’ll help Spot perfect the craft of FinOps.


Spot Eco is an all-remote, international, multi-cultural team.

Job Requirements

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. At home with Zoom; handy with PowerPoint; savvy with Slack; terrific with ticketing; comfortable presenting to stakeholders. Customer service experience is a big plus.
  • Demonstrated track record of successful execution in projects, business improvements, or innovations.
  • General experience working in or with technology companies, products, or services.
  • Prior Cloud FinOps experience is not required.
  • Experience using BI tools and dashboards—the ability to “read” data, drill-down to meaningful specifics, interpret results, and develop actionable insights.
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel (or comparable tools) for data analysis and data presentation.


Typically requires a minimum of 2 years of related experience.

Did you know…
Statistics show women apply to jobs only when they’re 100% qualified. But no one is 100% qualified. We encourage you to shift the trend and apply anyway! We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Company: Spot by NetApp
  • Published: 27th July 2023
  • Closing Date: 10th September 2023
  • Country: Ireland {Republic}
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Entry-level Contributor
  • Salary: $86,310- $129,030.
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None