Reporting into Head of Transformation you will focus on cost optimisation and management at both the workload and macro (cloud provider) level. You will demonstrate your analytical, cloud and FinOps capabilities working closely with a number of teams, including with the architecture and application teams, ensuring cost is a significant factor taken into account during design activities and the full lifecycle of the product in cloud. You will identify cost saving opportunities and follow these through to execution. This role is an excellent opportunity for someone with a proactive leaning and analytical mindset. We are passionate about cloud adoption and in helping us create a culture of ownership, collaboration and continuous improvement.


FinOps Analyst

  • Work with teams within (e.g. architecture, application) and outside the organisation, to proactively identify potential cloud cost saving opportunities, create plans to realise these and follow these through to execution.
  • Proactively perform discount plan management (e.g. Savings plans management) for our strategic cloud platforms
  • Evangelize cost optimisation and cost efficient design with the technical and product communities. Work closely with them to make cost efficient workload placement decisions – e.g. cost comparisons between different architectures and target cloud platforms
  • Provide FinOps consultancy services to application owners and technical roles
  • Perform cloud solution reviews ensuring solution architectures are cost effective and providing alternative options where they are not
  • Run public cloud spend forecasting process across VMo2
  • Oversee monthly cross charge of cloud consumption
  • Help build a collaborative and transparent culture of continuous improvement, within the team and across domains, while mentoring junior team members


Essential Experience

  • Experience and expertise in Cloud Health, Cloud Economist, Cloud FinOps, Cloud Architect or similar role in a large enterprise (GCP/AWS/Azure)
  • Experience and expertise of cloud services and technologies (GCP/AWS /Azure) from a cloud economics/FinOps perspective
  • Experience and expertise in performing cost optimisation / FinOps activities ((GCP/AWS /Azure)
  • Some experience and expertise in facilitating cloud architecture and design reviews from a cost optimisation/cloud economics perspective
  • A coaching/collaborative style of working and leadership

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  • Company: Telefónica
  • Published: 11th July 2023
  • Closing Date: 30th July 2023
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Mid-level Contributor
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None