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Cloud FinOps Manager

Job Description

The Linux Foundation Operations team is looking for a Cloud FinOps Manager to improve and expand the infrastructure we provide to our growing number of LFX Products and Open Source projects. They will be responsible for streamlining open source project cloud account administration, including cost optimization, financial reconciliation and reporting.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Cloud account administration: manage and administer cloud-based financial accounts, including monitoring usage, managing budgets, and ensuring compliance with financial policies and regulations.
  • Financial reconciliation: be responsible for reconciling cloud provider invoices and charges to ensure accurate billing and financial reporting.
  • Cost optimization: optimize cloud costs by identifying opportunities to reduce expenses, optimizing usage, and negotiating contracts with cloud providers.
  • Vendor management: manage relationships with cloud providers and other vendors, including negotiating contracts, resolving billing disputes, and ensuring compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Reporting and analysis: create financial reports and conduct data analysis to provide insights into cloud usage, costs, and performance.
  • Security and compliance: ensure that cloud usage and financial management practices comply with security and compliance regulations, including managing access controls, monitoring for suspicious activity, and conducting audits.
  • Communication and collaboration: communicate effectively with stakeholders across the organization, including IT, finance, and project leaders, to ensure alignment on cloud strategy, usage, and financial management.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science related field or equivalent work experience.
  • 2-5 years of experience in cloud computing and IT administration. Experience with finance, accounting and cloud providers such as GCP, AWS and Azure is a plus.
  • Strong technical skills are essential for this role. Knowledge of cloud computing platforms, networking, security, and cloud-based billing tools.
  • Experience with administration of large multi-tenant production cloud environments.
  • Proven track record working with a highly technical team in a distributed environment.
  • Experience working with collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, GitHub and Confluence.
  • Excellent English communication skills, written and spoken.
  • Experience working in a highly visible role.
  • Experience working with widely distributed teams.
  • Experience working with open source projects.

Additional Information

The Linux Foundation is a largely all-remote workforce that hires top-notch talent. We are as passionate about providing a flexible and supportive work culture as we are in Open Source Software. Collaboration is in our DNA, and we pride ourselves on being able to work closely together while not being tied to an office.

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  • Company: The Linux Foundation
  • Published: 17th May 2023
  • Closing Date: 8th June 2023
  • Country: United States
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Manager
  • FinOps Certifications Required: None