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Sr Business Analyst | Cloud FinOps

We are seeking an experienced Cloud FinOps Business Analyst to join our dynamic team. As a Cloud FinOps Specialist, you will be responsible for leading and implementing cloud cost management and optimization strategies. Your primary focus will be on ensuring efficient cloud resource utilization, cost tracking, and identifying opportunities for cost savings within our cloud infrastructure. You will have knowledge of multiple cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc.) and work with various technology teams to monitor and optimize resources on each platform.


  • Cost Analysis: Analyze cloud usage and cost trends, identify cost drivers, and provide actionable recommendations for cost optimization.
  • Optimization strategies: Develop and implement strategies for optimizing cloud resources, including right-sizing of compute, storage, database, and other services, utilizing cost-effective services.
  • Budget Management: Work closely with project teams to establish and manage cloud budgets, ensuring alignment with organization OKRs, implement effective cost management and optimization strategies. Develop and maintain financial models for cloud cost allocation. Set and Track budgets as per business unit requirements (by Account, by Project, by cost centers etc.).
  • Forecasting: Collaborate with stakeholders to forecast future cloud usage and costs for existing workloads and new projects/applications which can be moved from on-premises datacenters to cloud, providing insights in budget planning and resource allocation. Monitor and report on cloud expenses, forecast future costs.
  • Vendor Negotiation: Engage with Cloud service providers to negotiate favorable pricing and contractual terms to optimize costs.
  • Policy Development: Establish and enforce cloud cost management policies, guidelines, and best practices across organization.
  • Continuous monitoring: Implement monitoring mechanisms to track cloud costs in real time and proactively address anomalies and deviations from budgetary expectations.
  • Reporting: Generate regular reports and dashboards to communicate cost-related insights, trends, and recommendations to management and relevant stakeholders.
  • Stay updated: Keep abreast of industry trends, new cloud services, and pricing models to ensure the organization remains cost effective and competitive.

This is a hybrid position. Hybrid employees can alternate time between both remote and office. Employees in hybrid roles are expected to work from the office 2-3 set days a week (determined by leadership/site), with a general guidepost of being in the office 50% or more of the time based on business needs.


Basic Qualifications:
• 5 or more years of relevant work experience with a Bachelor’s Degree or at least 2 years of work experience with an Advanced degree (e.g. Masters, MBA, JD, MD) or 0 years of work experience with a PhD

Preferred Qualifications:
• 6 or more years of work experience with a Bachelor’s Degree or 4 or more years of relevant experience with an Advanced Degree (e.g. Masters, MBA, JD, MD) or up to 3 years of relevant experience with a PhD
• Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Finance, or related field.
• 7+ years of experience in financial analysis, preferably in a technology or cloud computing environment.
• Proven experience in cloud cost management and optimization with a minimum of 4 years in a similar role.
• Strong understanding of cloud pricing, cost structures, and billing models.
• Proficient in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
• Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
• Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.
• Proficiency in data analysis tools and software.
• Certification in Cloud FinOps or related field.
• Experience with cloud cost management tools.
• Advanced proficiency in Excel, Powerpoint and other Microsoft Office applications.

Additional Information

Work Hours: Varies upon the needs of the department.

Travel Requirements: This position requires travel 5-10% of the time.

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  • Company: Visa
  • Published: 15th March 2024
  • Closing Date: 18th May 2024
  • Country: United States
  • Type: Full-time
  • Seniority: Senior
  • Salary: 106,700/yr - $138,600
  • FinOps Certifications Required: Certified Practitioner